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About Vasstram

Vasstram is about thoughtful design that transcends any one lifestyle. There is something so inspiring and beautiful about things that are imperfect. We love and appreciate asymmetry and imperfection within and around us, and traces of those imperfections are reflected in our silhouettes and hemlines.

  • Functional
  • Timeless
  • Minimal
  • Workday & Weekend Wear
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Wear your attitude

At Vasstram we believe that fashion is timeless and "less is more" so we design garments that are minimalist and meant to last seasons, outlast trends, and complement your personality without overpowering your individuality.

What you wear should be an expression of who you are.

Vasstram is about thoughtful design that transcends any one lifestyle.Inspired by our textile heritage ,we use natural and breathable fabrics that allow you to feel uninhibited and free.

Many of our clothes are meant to be layered, and pair effortlessly with pieces that already reside in your wardrobe. Comfortable fabrics aside, fit and form are key, with a play of checks,stripes, polkas and textures in muted neutral tones.