Since our inception, our design ethos has always put longevity first. We favour enduring style over passing trends. Every piece should have a long lifespan. We want you to be wearing our clothes ten years from now.

Buy better, keep forever ‐ this is our hope.
We combine this approach to design with a focus on sustainable fabrics.

Vasstram reinterprets fabric by blending an urban style with the choicest of handicraft talent.The label is inspired by our multilayered culture and creates collections that are trendy, earthy and relevant.Think beautiful mul cotton, handloom ikat cotton made by weavers using thread on a clattering handloom.

We are also much more than just fabric and weaves. In a world of fast fashion,our endeavour is to break the norm and emerge as a brand that is stylish yet whimsical and timeless.

Our rationale comes from a passion for conservation and an eco-friendly approach to business. We use a variety of sustainable materials, often end-of-line fabrics and conscious pattern cutting to reduce factory waste.

Vasstram explores the reinvention of classics through modern tailoring and Indian textiles. At Vasstram transitional wardrobe staples are developed through innovation and sustainability that makes them timeless.

The brand wants to bring together eastern and western sensibilities favouring the beauty of natural fibres. The brand aims to create a timeless wardrobe that can be worn as separates or layers. 

Some of the most sustainable fabrics include cotton, linen & hemp.
Our attempt to make our facility a zero waste one has led us to use leftover fabric for packaging and for making trims,fringes ,buttons and beads.